The Revenant ★★

A fateful staring contest permanently bonds two men in the untamed wilderness who will stop at nothing to reunite. One of the strange things about this not-nearly-strange-enough movie is that such an earthy premise is treated like a reverie. Witness our festering meatsack of a hero pretending to shoot caribou with his stick. Leo Quaaludes his way through the snow, Tom plays with a Southern accent by way of Maryland, Emmanuel's wide-eyed with wonder about every damn thing, most humorously the human head, which he approaches from unusual angles, like Ariel fascinated by trinkets. Some breathtaking stuff results, most of which is in the trailer, but some of which, like a wintry landscape that could pass for a charcoal drawing, makes for a pleasant break from the hard, dull composition notebook poetry. Give Lubezki a Planet Earth series already.

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