The Siege of Firebase Gloria ★½

This product is a ‘ripoff’ of various Hollywood Vietnam war films, primarily Platoon (1986). It puts R.Lee Ermey as the lead and prays he can just copy and paste his role from Full Metal Jacket  (1987), completely oblivious to the fact it takes a great script to provoke that type of performance.

The drama in this film is so challenging to engage with as most of the acting in this film is questionable at best. The action is just the same, as the explosions feel fabricated and planned out like we’re watching behind the scenes footage. Half the leading actors hold/fire their guns like children. In all honesty this film looks cheaps; from the Halloween looking costumes to the inconsistent film grain. And talking of cheap, I have to mention those embarrassingly awful voice-overs; hearing voice-overs like that make me chuckle when I hear others complain about Bladerunner’s (1982) theatrical cut.

For those enthralled with the depiction of the Vietnam War on film, I certainly persuade you to skip this film and instead watch the films that this motion picture fails to replicate.