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  • Wild at Heart
  • Raising Arizona
  • Valley Girl
  • The Rock

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  • It's a Joke, Son!

  • After the Curfew

  • Charlie Chan in Honolulu

  • Aliens


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  • Charlie Chan in Honolulu

    Charlie Chan in Honolulu

    overall, an ok b movie if you're a fan of the series. once you get past sidney toler's bad yellowface and worse dialogue, charlie chan in honolulu is nowhere near as cringey as you'd think. oh, it it's still cringey, but he's the only one doing it. asian-americans play chan's family and honolulu locals. victor sen yung plays his son, jimmy chan, as a goofball andy hardy-type who wants to be a detective like his "pop."

    the comic father-son tension…

  • After the Curfew

    After the Curfew

    a universal story: a soldier fights for his country and comes home to a dull, ordinary, often corrupt civilian life and can’t adjust.

    the great gatsby, the best years of our lives, coming home, taxi driver, american sniper: there are endless variations of it. after the curfew is an indonesian version. an alcaff plays iksander, a war hero who fought to overthrow indonesia's dutch colonizers. as a civilian, he has to come to terms with what he did in the…

Popular reviews

  • Dredd



    Dredd walks away from 150 dead civilians and drug dealers, multiple bodies mutilated, tortured, and thrown off 80-story balconies, massive property damage, psychic sexual abuse, blown-off hands, gory eye-gouges, and four cop executions.

    Chief Judge: "So, what happened in there?”

    Dredd: "Drug bust."

  • Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

    Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

    I wanted to say that this is Abe Vigoda’s best movie, but I forgot he’s in The Godfather, so now I have to think about it. 

    There’s a scene where a conflicted Bruce Wayne tells his dead parents at their grave that he wants out of his vow to spend his life avenging them.  He’s fallen in love and never considered that he could be happy.  It’s the only time I’ve ever seen Bruce Wayne doubting that choice.  When he’s…