• The Fundamentals of Caring

    The Fundamentals of Caring


    My Comfort Movie 

  • Knocked Up

    Knocked Up



  • Welcome to Marwen

    Welcome to Marwen


    I think people have failed to note that this movie is based on a true story and not much of it at all has been added or changed to make it more "Hollywood." Sorry if this man's suffering wasn't entertaining enough for you. People are actually upset with Steve Carrell too, as if it's his fault.

    Bottom line - Interesting mix of animation and real. Great acting for Steve. Cool story! And since it's real, you can continue to learn more after the movie!

  • WandaVision



    This is an amazing show. I love the creativity and imagination used. The ideas are superb. For example , it’s the only show I’ve ever seen that knew how to do transitions from black & white to colors gracefully. I found that some certain episodes were a little bland but I just finished watching episode 9 , or , the WandaVision Finale , my whole perspective of it changed and even if you find an episode boring , it is still very…

  • Bridesmaids



    This Movie was unexpectedly good & Hilariously Funny. I thought it was a typical comedy movie, but it was so much more. It was about the time when life screws you, don't let down , you have to keep fighting back.

  • Like Father

    Like Father


    This movie was comfortable. Not too fast, not too slow. Not quite predictable. The story line is something many people can relate to and that's why I loved it. It seemed very real and relatable. It was fun too! Kristen is amazing!

  • Bad Seeds

    Bad Seeds


    This Movie never Fails to Impress Me. It’s Just an Underrated Gem that didn’t get the attention or the hype it really deserves.

  • Father Figures

    Father Figures


    I thought it was brilliant, with great humour and some subtle - the sort of underlying humour which I often associate with Wes Anderson. Overall it was fun, and heartwarming, with good characters performed well by all. No idea why it has such low ratings or negative critical reviews.

  • Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

    Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins


    Most people will see Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins for the laughs and may find some enjoyment on those grounds, which is fine. The real disappointment with the film, however, is how poorly the dramatic underpinning is attached to the story.

  • Ted 2

    Ted 2


    I think this is just as good as the first Ted. It’s really funny and entertaining, and the main characters are enjoyable to watch once again. This film is also more stylised than Ted 1 and it has an interestingly political story.

  • Rose Island

    Rose Island


    A highly entertaining movie which managed to narrate a true story that seemed so unbelievable to be true. It’s a very different movie, quite unique in fact. From the beginning to the end successfully depicted a multitude of Italian characteristics.

  • Get a Job

    Get a Job


    With a cast this talented : Alison Brie, Jorge Garcia, Jay Pharoah, Marc Maron, John C. McGinley, Bruce Davison, John Cho, and Greg Germann all turn up in small roles.

    Get A Job is never painful to endure, but neither does it ever rise above lazy mediocrity.