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  • Coco



    This is a beautiful love letter to Mexican culture, brimming with warm colors, carefully researched little details, lovable characters and containing a fluorescent depiction of a fantastical afterlife, presented in 3D images with enormous depth, making it feel simultaneously real and magical. Fortunately Pixar decided to feature an all-Latino voice cast for the English-language version, like talented singer-actor Anthony Gonzalez for the main character Miguel, and it really pays off, making the film feel even more authentically Mexican.

    The basic…

  • The Square

    The Square


    A film about the general ambition to be good, sincere, socially responsible and the failure to put it into practice in your own personal life. And about awkward situations resulting from this conflict. Lots of them.

    Östlund uses the art scene he comes from as the setting to explore these themes in a series of comedic moments that shine a light on the contradictory, but also human elements of our privileged lives (and even of those not so privileged). It's a bit fractured and loses its clear course at times, but finds back on it towards the end with an authentic realization of guilt.

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  • The Thing

    The Thing


    I had the chance to see a cinema screening of 'The Thing' tonight and it is still as great as I had remembered it. The vast snow-filled landscape looks stunning and the isolated setting helps to create a dreadful atmosphere early on that is gradually increased up to an unbearable tension as the crew realizes the creature's nature. This is supported by a score that cleverly combines elements of Carpenter's and Morricone's work. I had some reservations whether the effects…

  • Skyfall



    I can't believe I almost missed this gem at the cinema! Having seen all three Daniel Craig Bond films in a row and for the first time this week, "Skyfall" is my favorite - albeit only by a slim margin over "Casino Royale" - of this unofficial trilogy which sets up and establishes the background of James Bond as well as the rest of the franchise's characters.

    "Skyfall" perfects the new approach of the Craig Bond films, grounded in reality,…