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  • Lost Highway
  • The Big Lebowski
  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  • Bo Burnham: Inside

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  • Old



    Old is a story about a family who spend a day at a secluded beach and, along with the few others who are there, experience rapid aging. It's sci-fi/horror in the spirit of the Twilight Zone, or maybe a little Black Mirror.

    When I write these reviews I often find myself responding to the mainstream comments. Both Old and M Night Shyamalan take a fair bit of abuse that I don't totally understand. With Shyamalan, my guess is that it…

  • The Night House

    The Night House


    The Night House is a psychological horror that focuses on Rebecca Hall, a woman who is dealing with the grief created by her husband's suicide. The movie largely takes place in Hall's home, and we see her reflecting on her relationship as she picks through her husband's belongings, tries to tamp down her grief through drinking or time with her friends, and exhibits the state she's in through her paralyzing, lucid nightmares.

    The root of her reflection, apart from the…

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  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


    It's hard to talk about this movie without first acknowledging the reviews -- the majority of which declare this to be an awful movie, somewhere between worst movie ever and worst recent superhero film. And so I'll start by saying they're all wrong.

    I loved the movie, but I knew I would. Superman is my favorite hero, and I've loved him whether it was George Reeves or Christopher Reeve or even, yes, Brandon Routh. (For the record, Henry Cavill is…

  • The I Inside

    The I Inside


    I love trippy mind-benders and unreliable narrators, and this had a teensy-bit of the former and a lot of the latter.

    So you'd think I loved this movie, and to a point I actually kind of did. And then the ending happened. Ugh. I don't think I've ever gotten so into a movie and then walked away thinking "what a bummer."

    Anyway, the movie starts with a guy waking up in the hospital. He's just endured some trauma that he…