Housebound ★★½

Housebound is a "horror comedy" about a woman on house arrest in a haunted house.

I went into this movie a little nervous about the comedy part of this horror comedy. There have been plenty of horror comedies which I've enjoyed, but it's such a broad genre that I never know if I'll get something like the excellent American Psycho or the awful Bad Milo.

Here, I would say the comedic element was so light that for the first 2/3rds of the movie or so that I would have thought of it only as a slightly-less-than-serious horror movie. There were a few times during the last 1/3rd where I was amused and it was at that point that I remembered that the movie was a horror comedy.

The story is about a troubled girl in her late 20s who, it is determined, needs stability in her life to help her mature, and so is put on house arrest for 8 months. She's miserable about being stuck at home, but then something strange happens which leads her to believe that the house may be haunted. The majority of the movie is focused on the mystery of the house, and resolving that mystery, as well as her dealing with her past unruliness and how it's affected her parents/their relationship.

This movie started slowly for me, but by the end I found that I was pulled into it and thought it ended up being a fun movie that I was glad to have watched.

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