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  • Ginger Snaps

    Ginger Snaps


    They really left the mom at that party!

    This movie works so well because the characters are believable and they are given great performances. Some of the plotting is a little bonkers but it works because the movie immediately establishes its off-kilter Beast of Bailey Downs reality.

  • When the Earth Trembled

    When the Earth Trembled


    Moves too fast, seems like every other title card is β€œ2 Months Later”. Decent disaster sequence accomplished more than I was expecting. The drama is pedestrian, very rarely does any cast member get an emotional close-up moment. This is a shame because the story could’ve easily carried more emotional weight if the film could ever be bothered to slow down.Β 

    Worked pretty fine as a pilot silent screening with my Grandmom, we’ll ease in to the longer features.

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  • Trick or Treat

    Trick or Treat



    Trick or Treat is a teenage horror film directed by actor Charles Martin Smith, who would of course go on to make Air Bud (1997). That might not immediately sound like your cup of tea, but I assure you this film is awesome! The plot centers around Eddie a.k.a. Ragman, a metalhead outcast in a high school full of preps. Eddie is upset that his hometown metal icon, Sammi Curr, has just passed away in a freak accident. Nuke,…

  • Making a Living

    Making a Living


    Groundhog Day, 1914 the world is introduced to Charles S. Chaplin, who would go on to be the most recognizable film star in America and an ingrained poster boy of silent film comedy for generations to come. The man starts here, in the aptly titled Making a Living, which is a 13 minute short featuring Chaplin's sheisty character doing everything possible to ruin some random guy's day.

    The plot here is a bit too centered on talking for the great…