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  • The War of the Gargantuas

    The War of the Gargantuas


    My favorite kaiju minus Godzilla. Smirky Russ Tamblyn's a minor liability (he was no Nick Adams in these shows) but I love the creepy opening scene, the startling imagery throughout (Green glimpsed under the water), Akira Ifukube's score, and the "squabbling brother" theme, which my squabbling kids also liked.

  • Count Dracula

    Count Dracula


    Franco's take on Bram Stoker gets more and more "Franco" as it goes along, with a ridonculous climax involving fake boulders, poorly superimposed flames, and a stuffed animal "attack" that beggars belief. That said, Lee gets to make more of the part than usual, Soledad Miranda, Herbert Nom, and a dialogue-free Klaus Kinski do their best under trying circumstances, and the score is excellent, conjuring thrills that just aren't there.'s HD stream looks great, maybe too good.

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  • The Gift

    The Gift


    Squirmy thriller effectively works nerves in a Haneke-by-Hollywood way.

  • Saint Jack

    Saint Jack


    A cable favorite in my teens, finally available in a good quality DVD, anamorphically enhanced at last. (Why no Blu-ray?) Its frank, febrile atmosphere is one of those things that got me to Asia, though Singapore was a disappointingly authoritarian place by the time I got there. There's nothing disappointing about the film, though, Bogdanovich's return to movies after a string of flops, a Paul Theroux adaptation made with a dummy script to fool the authorities into thinking it was…