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Pau Linmanuelmiranda

I like movies and TV shows. Yerp.

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  • The Iron Giant
  • Children of Men
  • Galaxy Quest
  • Once

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  • The Master

    The Master


    There was a special surprise screening of Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master on August 21st at the Castro theater in San Francisco, CA and I was able to get tickets.

    To put it bluntly, this movie is amazing. I'm not sure if it tops There Will Be Blood, and nothing can reach the levels of acting greatness that Daniel Day Lewis reached in that movie, but Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman come pretty damn well close.

    The whole film…

  • The Avengers

    The Avengers


    Holy shit this was... I just... oh my...

    It's hard to find the words to describe how awesome this movie was. So I won't even try. Suffice it to say: Joss is boss.