Prometheus ★★½

I definitely wouldn't say it was terrible. I think it had a lot of good elements and ideas and was definitely beautiful to look at. Just maybe not worth paying the 20 bucks for IMAX and especially not at midnight when you have to get up for work 3 hours later like me.

My problems with it were more production issues, like the script which felt half baked and full of a ton of ideas but no real interest in exploring any of them in-depth (and those they did were all on the nose, no subtext). The direction was surprisingly sloppy too, often doing a terrible job of establishing the spacial relationships of what's happening and where we are.

It almost felt as though the movie was originally four hours long and to fix it they just deleted every-other scene and figured the audience would figure out what was happening based context. You mostly can, but it still feels disjointed and nonsensical at times, and it makes it hard to care about any of the supporting characters when you know next to nothing about them.

I'm probably overselling the negative elements, I just tend to view movies through the lens of my broadcasting major and my interest in the behind the scenes process of filmmaking.

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