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  • Raid on Rommel

    Raid on Rommel


    Henry Hathaway's made some good movies in his career (like "True Grit," just two years earlier), but this sure isn't one of them. "Raid on Rommel" begins with a premise borrowed from "The Guns of Navarone," in which a desperate behind-the-lines mission is mounted to take out some shore guns before they can disrupt an allied invasion fleet that's already in motion. Originally intended to be a TV movie, the quick three week shoot was spiced up with action footage…

  • A Royal Christmas Ball

    A Royal Christmas Ball

    First, by way of disclaimer let me say that my daughter decided to watch this while I sat helplessly in the same room trying to enjoy my lunch. Seeing Tara Reid's name in the credits was just a warning of what was to come... by the time the film was over I promised myself that I'd gladly sit through all five Sharknado films before I'd ever watch this again.

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  • The Seventh Seal

    The Seventh Seal


    Weird movie. Takes place near the sea, but there wasn't a single seal.

  • Star Wars

    Star Wars


    There's not much new to be said about one of the best sci-fi action adventure flicks of all time. Quippy dialog and hammy acting rooted in the classic mid-20th century sci-fi serials, a fast-moving story, rousing music and spectacular special effects all combine in a nearly flawless way for the cinematic experience of a lifetime. The film industry has changed quite a bit since then in terms of visual technique and digital effects, but the basic storytelling really doesn't get…