Green Lantern ★★

I'm a long-time comic fan (more Marvel than DC, just so you'll know) but this film didn't get me all that excited... Green Lantern was never one of my favorite characters and I'm not a fan of Ryan Reynolds. The film pretty much lived down to those expectations ... the effects were nice enough, but other than that it was disappointing. Predictable story, trite and corny dialog, and the implausible Parallax never seemed all that threatening. It seemed like the comedic moments (and Reynold's portrayal of Hal Jordan) really got in the way here. I guess it was the writers and producers who are mostly at fault on this one, the problems I see seem to exist at a very basic level ... and I know the director who gave us 'Reilly: Ace of Spies' and 'Casino Royale' is capable of more.