Saw ★★★

I put off watching Saw for eight years ... and in that time we 'saw' the release of six sequels, reviews of which made me even less anxious to see the original. My natural suspicion of roman numeral films combined with my resentment of the fact that the studio had compared Saw to Se7en, which I've always considered an excellent film (to be clear, I don't mind when critics compare one film to another, but I get suspicious when the studio does it before the film is released). Saw does have it's moments ... a couple of nice twists, and a few good actors, in particular Danny Glover, Michael Emerson and Tobin Bell ... but the thing is, these guys are not the stars. Most of the screen time is given to a pair of actors who don't really distinguish themselves. They don't ruin the film but they don't elevate it either. Overall, it's a film I can recommend with reservations, but only for those who are fans of the genre.