Frances Ha ★★★★½

Frances Ha is a beautiful film in many ways. The black and white photography is surprisingly stunning and effective. The story is strange and touching all at the same time. The characters are all very weird and quirky but they are also very lovable after you get to know them. I actually wasn't crazy about this film the first time I saw it, but it really had an impact on me the second time through for some reason. I guess the whole film just came together in a way that I didn't really see the first time. It kind of celebrates various classic films from Woody Allen to the French New Wave while also staying very modern and relevant.

Noah Baumbach's direction is exceptional and Greta Gerwig gives a wonderful performance. The film has moments of drama but is usually immediately followed by something funny and unexpected. This balance of comedy and drama is delivered incredibly well and is one of the many reasons why I think this film is truly great. Noah Baumbach's films seem to be a hit or miss sometimes, but he has already made two films that have deeply impacted me, so I look forward to seeing what creates in the future.

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