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  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
  • Female Prisoner Scorpion: Jailhouse 41
  • Diva
  • It

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  • Hell Has No Boundary


  • God Told Me To


  • Girls Nite Out


  • Prehistoric Cabaret


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  • Celestial Being

    Celestial Being


    Stephen Steinbacher & Zach Barrett annihilate your senses with this neon-soaked Maya Deren homage. Features exhilarating genre tropes amidst visuals that my mind would like to mop up and stew in for at least an eternity. Hoods up, Mirrors out, Check this asap:


    And if you'd like to hear the whole album:



  • House




    So I have a new full length album out. It is not, despite how I've set this up, a live score for Hausu (but feel free to watch the movie with my album playing!)

    It's actually an 8 song album I wrote throughout the pandemic going through the grieving process after my father's death in July 2020.

    So why Hausu then? Well, I rented it right at the beginning of the first lockdown in March 2020 and it was…

Recent reviews

  • Hell Has No Boundary

    Hell Has No Boundary


    If you're not careful, this impeccably gnarly Hong Kong possession flick will gnaw away at your eye sockets until your skull is a dried out husk.

    It's May's birthday, so off she goes with her boyfriend for a li'l camping trip on a nearby island. Cue the glowing green ghost calling to May and let the demonic possession begin!
    Right off the bat, May v2.0 is stabbing a kid with a prong and trying to drown them. Luckily her boyfriend…

  • God Told Me To

    God Told Me To


    Larry Cohen's God Told Me To (The "Kill" is silent) is a sly gust of drive-in schlock and psychological thriller dust. Starting with a bang, a lone gunman up on a tower picks off strangers on the streets of NYC. When confronted by Lieutenant Peter J. Nicholas (Tony Lo Bianco) as to why he did it, the man cheerily reports "because God told me to!" before plunging himself head-first into the streets for sudden death.
    Cue the epic Pino Donaggio-esque…

Popular reviews

  • Inferno




    So here it is. This is the live score I wrote for Inferno. Performed live in a movie theatre in Toronto last October but now with plague-life reducing us to strictly home viewing, I've assembled a revised/improved version so you can stream it at your own convenience.

    First Off: Play As Loud As Humanly Possible - OR - HEADPHONES!
    Actually, headphones would be my go to choice, anything to ensure the bass is overwhelming and all details can be…

  • Evil Dead Trap

    Evil Dead Trap


    Late 80's Japanese ultra-banger supernatural-slasher industrial-nightmare. Get your hyphens ready, cutie-pie! This one mixes all the right ingredients together for that ultimate brain rot.
    Nami, a late night TV host, receives a mysterious VHS tape containing the real deal: a snuff film of a woman's eye getting brutally punctured in an abandoned warehouse. Intrigue levels skyrocket, leading Nami to bring a small production crew out to investigate this decrepit setting where she's certain the filming took place.
    Sure enough, she's right,…