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  • Alice Sweet Alice

    Alice Sweet Alice


    Alfred Sole's Alice Sweet Alice sits in that crisp void of 70's horror with its stylized look back at the past while thrusting towards the slasher kingdom of the 80's.

    Alice is a little brat, jealous of her sister Karen's first communion and all the gifts and attention she's receiving because of it.
    Always running around causing trouble, isn't that right Alice?
    But where were you when communion was taking place, Alice?
    Were you in the pews waiting patiently, or…

  • Baron Blood

    Baron Blood


    Mario Bava's 1972 horror flick is a gothic proto-slasher, one that plays it straight and direct, with a majestic crusher of a villain back from the dead to wreak some proper havoc.

    Peter has travelled from the US to Austria for a little down-time between studies and to look into his sinister family history, including that of The Baron Blood, a sadistic murderer who just so happens to be his great-grand-pappy.
    Peter then hooks up with the beautiful Eva, who…

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  • Black Sabbath

    Black Sabbath


    Mario Bava's Black Sabbath is first and foremost a fun night out at the movies, opening with Boris Karloff talking right to the audience, welcoming you to this gnarly anthology just before Bava's signature colour-blown lighting starts to saturate Karloff's entire face. Deconstructed 3D Glasses Glow, lets go!

    And we're off - first up is The Telephone, a snack-size Giallo about a woman being stalked by a killer over the phone. Decent tension, smooth style, and wraps up as grim…

  • The Trial of the Chicago 7

    The Trial of the Chicago 7


    Took a brief pause tonight from our continuous horror movie run to check this out and I definitely have no regrets about that, even if I feel a bit punched in the gut over it.

    I went in knowing very little about this piece of US history and it proved deeply upsetting and frustrating to learn about. A topical look at what transpired during the Trial of the Chicago 7, loaded with difficult moments that were hard to stomach but…