Big Top Pee-wee ★★★

Geez, what a weird sequel and huge step down from Big Adventure.

This second instalment finds Pee Wee saddled up with a travelling circus after his house is hit by a major storm. So now Pee Wee has to choose between his old flame Winnie and the trapeze artist Gina because who knew Pee Wee was so damn horny?

Feeling like there was a much smaller budget and no "finesse technician" onboard, this one is riddled with flaws and held back by a mediocre story. What's worse is the absolutely awkward sight of Pee Wee getting his mack on with that 5 minute scene of him making out with Gina. I seriously thought he was asexual all these years?

Fortunately there is a talking pig with a hilarious voice on par with Bob from House By The Cemetery not to mention a handful of deliriously WTF scenes like when he gives all the adults hot dogs to shrink them into little kids.

Kind of a piss poor sequel but I had fun.

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