Dirty Harry ★★★½

Finally watched this classic action/serial killer flick and had a pretty fun time.
Don Siegel's spin on the Zodiac killer sees Clint Eastwood and his rookie partner try to track down the sadistic Scorpio killer.
The score is great, the action is fun, and the story seems to get better and better as it goes along reaching a perfect ending.

I almost wanted to give this a 3 though because straight up I did not care for Dirty Harold. Dude is an unlikeable jerk that talks way too much. Give me Paul Kersey any day.

The movie does a strong job of convincing you that even if you don't like Dirty Harold, you really want the Scorpio killer murdered ASAP.
We were screaming at the TV that last half hour, like oh my god Harold! Kill That Jerk! He's A Bigger Jerk Than You! He's The Biggest Jerk Ever! KILLLL HIMMMM!!!

True story.

Also another true story: my friend who has a tattoo of Clint as "The Good" lent me the whole series so doesn't matter how much of a jerk I think Dirty Harold is... I'm watching all of them.

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