Fatal Exam

Fatal Exam ★★★

Regional Horror Flick that realizes it's got some gnarly juices cooking and decides to overstay its welcome.

Seriously, this is almost a fantastic movie:
-Great set-up of quirky college kids doing a paranormal investigation at a haunted house
-Half-way in morphs into a supernatural slasher
-Strong eerie atmosphere, enforced by the moody synths that coat every scene in dread
-Handful of grisly kills with multiple weapons and assailants
-Cloaked figure with a scythe stalking and eviscerating
-A twist ending that honestly blind-sided me
-A few hilarious lines fulfilling the "so-bad-it's-good" quotient

So what happened then?
Somehow between the heavy-lifting of the phenomenal synth-score and the onslaught of too many reaction shots, the director fell in love with what he was making and decided it needed to be 2 hours long. Yes.
This goobery supernatural-slasher low-budget slop-fest is 2 hours long!
Everything is drawwwwwwwwnnnnnnn oooooooooouuuuuuuuttttttttttt, rendering the pacing impenetrable. The dialogue, stuffed to the gills with convoluted exposition, also combines forces with the schlubby pacing to give you one hell of a hard time focusing on the plot.

Still, slightly better than I thought it would be considering everyone seems to be slagging it hard for the reasons I mentioned. I do think there's an incredible horror film in here, is Walter Murch busy? Can we get him to do a clean-up job in the editing room?

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