Magnum Force ★★★½

Dirty Harold is back and ready for action!
This time Dirty Harold has a new partner and they're trying to catch a vigilante who is dressing up like a cop and killing off all the bad guys around. The weird thing though is sometimes this mysterious vigilante kills good guys... and that's not good.
Dirty Harold gonna take care of it.

Okay so yes this is very clearly a step down from the original Dirty Harold, gone is that low-key haunting set up and pace, now replaced by a real "100 spectacles a minute" type of scriptwriting and flow.
At times it even felt like a parody of the first, like a Casino Royale (OG not remake!) It even occasionally veered into straight up trash territory with some real shocking moments.

A genuine improvement on the first one though was Dirty Harold himself. Dude chilled out. He's still kicking ass and taking names but he came off way more humble, trimming the fat on his quips, and mellowing like a gentle fellow.

No masterpiece but a super fun sequel. I think I'm coming around on the Harold.

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