Parasite ★★★★

Wow. Okay, this definitely lived up to the hype.
Bong Joon-Ho's film has been building a massive buzz and within its first hour you can totally see why... but then there's another 60 minutes that keeps you guessing, jaw dropping and sweat popping every step of the way.

It is just a monolith of original ideas and entertaining moments.
I'd have to agree with everyone and their cousin that it's best to go into this with knowing as little as possible, but basically it starts with the son of a poor family getting a rare opportunity to fill in for his friend as a tutor to the young daughter of a rich family.
Sure enough... C A L A M I T Y E N S U E S!!!

And if we're going with the Calamity Ensues cliche, I can picture Bong Joon-Ho waking up every day with a giant cup of coffee and then injecting himself with the purest form of calamity to write such a twisty, nuanced, tonal shifting, symbolism packing, dark comedy adventure of misfortunes.

I've tried writing a paragraph about the flaws and then deleting it about 7 times now and that's just a sign that regardless of what didn't work for me this is a film I wholeheartedly recommend because you deserve to watch a NEW movie that is EXCITING and INTELLIGENT and those words need to be in massive caps.


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