Rawhead Rex

Rawhead Rex ★★★★

Saw this one as a wee lad, new blu-ray got me thinking time for a revisit.

I remembered it being kinda boring as a kid but I'm now fully ready for such a unique horror film. Written by Clive Barker, there is definitely a bit more going on with the script than what you'd expect. The dialogue/pacing/structure overall works pretty well. On top of that, the acting is really good and having it take place in a small Irish town gives it a really charming vibe.

So many Pro's to this film that they all just set you up for the biggest flaw (or Pro, depending on your tastes) of the film - the monster himself, good ol' Rawhead Rex. He looks really weird. Even back when this came out the critics and audience members must have been like "Um, uh... what the heck is that?"
It's not necessarily poorly done, just has a look to it that I found really hard to take seriously. However, I am a huge fan of stuff like Spookies and Neon Maniacs and ultimately this monster is still miles ahead of the stuff in those films.

So what you have is a strangely slicker than what you'd expect horror film with a jarring goofy monster that delivers all the gory madness.

Great film! Will be snagging that blu-ray immediately.

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