Slugs ★★★

Surprisingly solid film. I laughed when I read "Based on the book 'Slugs'" in the opening credits but as I watched the film it started to make a bit more sense.

The plot is actually not overtly formulaic and the characters are decently fleshed out. I especially liked how a lot of the focus was on Mike Brady, the health inspector of the city, but most of the secondary characters got decent screen time and their own set of quirks.

Now while this is a solid film, it is still kind of a "so bad it's good" film and a lot of that comes from the occasionally strange acting. It looks as though half the film was dubbed/ADR and half the film was done 'au naturel'. So it gave it a bit of an uneven feel, leaving me giggling or enthralled or bored.

There are also a handful of totally bad ass moments, moments too bad ass for a film about killer slugs, with decent gore and loads of terror.

Still, with all those checked boxes, I found the last third of the film started to lose a bit of momentum. I don't want to drop any spoilers but there was one loose end left untied that seemed a tad too sloppy and weird. A lot of the finale seemed to be exciting on paper but didn't exactly take off for me.

I'd say it's a solid horror film and it lives up to a lot of the hype but it still has some flaws that stop it from blowing me entirely away. Would recommend though at least one viewing.

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