Superstition ★★★★

Aw man, I love this supernatural slasher banger. For a film that has admittedly bad acting and a fairly high level of unintentional camp, it commits so hard to being a serious horror film that if you stick with it you get locked in it's spell of mystic mayhem.

Last time I reviewed this I touched quite a bit on the obvious Italian influences with it's heavy Argento/Bava worship but it was this viewing where I realized how much it's indebted to House By The Cemetery.
In many ways Superstition is what a "SERIOUS" La Casa would feel like. All of the goofy ridiculousness drained out, leaving you in a spooky haunted house with vicious acts around each corner.

It does at times feel a bit dry and slow but with this viewing I realized it was because of how committed it is to being scary. Those slower scenes have a decent amount of suspense, again it's just a matter of whether you let yourself get hooked into the nightmare is desperately trying to carve out.

It's a unique but wild ride and one that I would only recommend to deep horror heads (spring this on a non-horror fan and you'll 100% get eye rolls galore).
If gory saw blade kills, deep blue lighting, ghostly apparitions, witchy flashbacks, priests in jeans, bumbling cops, 80's slasher vibes full of demonic claws all sound good to you then check this out!

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