The Dead Don't Die

The Dead Don't Die ★★★

Jim Jarmusch drops a solid yet underwhelming zombie comedy that'll hit the spot if you go in with low expectations.

A multitude of various characters intersect in Centreville as zombies start to rise up and wipe everyone out. It's a pretty basic formula and Jarmusch has decided to take a crack at it with his ever-so-cool dead pan approach with very mixed results.

The variety of characters keeps the film entertaining but by the time the credits rolled I really wished we could've spent more time with a few of them, namely the kids in the juvenile detention centre and Tilda Swinton.
The humour is reallllllly hit or miss, with a lot of the meta and movie reference jokes not quite landing (for me anyways).
It really helped watching this one in a packed theatre though as a free sneak preview. People were howling right from the opening scene so it was easy to be infected with it's underwhelming brand of comedy.

That's kinda the weird thing about The Dead Don't Die, Jim Jarmusch seemed to be intentionally making a tossed off zombie-comedy. Something you'd be expected to rate a 7/10. Take Zombieland for instance, love it or hate it but they were at least trying to make a 10/10 experience. With this one, everyone is just going through the motions and that seems to be the entire point so you can't really hate on it for achieving that laissez-faire vibe.

All in all, I enjoyed it but it's a hard recommend. You kind of have to be a fan of Jim Jarmusch, in the mood for a zombie-comedy, and with low expectations. However I totally know I will be watching this again and maybe even enjoying it more next time.

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