The Strangers: Prey at Night ★★★½

This one kinda sneaks up on you.

I wasn't totally sold on the first half of the film as I found it really hard to believe Christina Hendricks and Martin Henderson were the parents of Bailee Madison and Lewis Pullman. They all looked 30.
The premise is okay but the acting wasn't entirely there and the first few kills had me wanting a bit more.

Fortunately the film has this snowball effect where the music, the atmosphere, and the action all build up to a really really really great ending.

There's some nods to Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Scream in there too that had me really giddy. The violence gets pretty brutal and some of the cinematography was hella fun.

I think new horror films have a lot of pressure to deliver, especially slasher films, because lets face it this is a genre that has somewhat died and yet still has a die-hard following. This sequel to the underwhelming The Strangers is a sign of potential though.

Would make a great double bill starting with this one and finishing up with Terrifier.

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