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This review may contain spoilers.

Surprisingly solid film right here. It's been getting heaps of hype and it pretty much deserves it.

Yes it is 3 hours long and yes it does actually feel kind of slow and drawn out. I kinda felt like it really tied in well with the theme of the film though since it's basically about an overly business-minded daughter, Ines, and her relationship with her silly and carefree father Winfried.
Her father takes life at his own pace and is more concerned with little moments of genuine human interaction. She is stuck to her fast-paced corporate life and doesn't see the value in her father's ways. So you kind of go with the film at this slow and carefree pace and it's actually nice in that way.

I felt like the film addressed sexism in the workplace pretty well as you see Ines daily struggles with credibility and all the nuanced forms of harassment she deals with. Maybe I read into this too much but I felt like it all set up Winfried as more of a loving and respectful person because of how he interacted with the various female characters in the film. He spoke to them and listened to them in ways that most of the businessmen lacked.

This might all sound like a sentimental and straight-forward drama but the film also has plenty of absurd moments. That image in the poster of Ines hugging a huge mound of fur should give you a good idea of what's in store.

It's a bit hard to explain or sum up what this film is or what it is even about but ultimately it is very strong, very funny, and very worth your 3 hours.

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