Nope ★★★★

From a guy who has two alien themed tattoos, a space themed podcast and an encyclopaedic reference point of Keye and Peele quotes, I enter this review with some bias.

Peele’s third outing has really got me confused as much as it appealed to my personal taste I did find it to have some nagging problems.

Peele’s mind and ambition is what make me love this film. The writing is so refreshing with new concepts with a dash of familiarity. The way he intertwined comedy and horror and how the work at similar beats is something he’s done from the sketch days and is an artwork he’s perfected.

Performances were tremendous. Palmer and Kaluuya not only have a perfect chemistry with each other but just take to Peele’s work like a fish to water. It’s also not a Bathbomb review if I don’t gush over Steven Yuen as well.

As much to hate to say it the films pacing was an issue. The films attempts to be episodic raises confusing and the stop start tension just gets jarring.

Nope overall is Jordan Peele’s third best film but that’s just a testament to how much I enjoy his work. Get Out is his most well made. Us scared me more and Nope appeals to me more. I couldn’t give a honest ranking. More like Yep/10

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