Favorite films

  • Blue Velvet
  • Brazil
  • Dead Ringers
  • Once Upon a Time in the West

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  • Don't Open Till Christmas


  • Devil Rider


  • Fair Game


  • Violent Night


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  • Don't Open Till Christmas

    Don't Open Till Christmas


    Here's a refreshing twist on the Christmas-themed slasher movie - Rather than having a maniac in a Santa-suit running amok, it the Santa-clad revelers who better watch out! Adding to the novelty, is that it's based in the UK, where Scotland Yard is hot on on the trail if a Grinch taking it to the next level.

    Overall, I think it's a little slow, but it managed to hold my attention, due in no small part to the perceived freshness of the concept.

  • Devil Rider

    Devil Rider


    84 minutes of an old guy saying "Get off my property!"

Popular reviews

  • Survive Style 5+

    Survive Style 5+


    A few lessons imparted by Survive Style 5+:

    1. Home invasion can be fun.

    2. If a guy who looks like Vinnie Jones gives you a hard stare and asks you "What's your function in life?" - just run.

    3. Never, ever let yourself be hypnotized.

    4. If you take steps to murder your wife, you'd better make sure she's really dead, because if she isn't... Look out.

    5. If someone thinks they're a bird, maybe they are.

    Easily one of my favorite viewings this year. Perfectly demented.

    (Monkey Records)

  • Atlantic Rim

    Atlantic Rim


    For as consistently crappy as it's releases are, The Asylum have distilled the practice of the rip-off down to a fine art. Consider the exquisite economy of the title alone - Atlantic Rim. With those two words, you know what's being ripped off. You know the amount of effort put into making this movie stand on its own. Heck, if you're already familiar with past releases like "Transmorphers", "I Am Omega", "Paranormal Entity" or "Snakes on a Train", you might…