Housebound ★★★★

When a twenty-something hellion gets arrested for trying to rob an ATM, the judge responds by giving her the "stability" the so clearly needs. The sentence? - 8 months of house-arrest living with her mother and stepfather in their spooky old home, a former boardinghouse for troubled kids. After arriving and getting fitted with an ankle-bracelet, the young woman bust learn to stave off boredom, reconnect with her estranged family and learn all she can about the spooky old residence (which she's starting to suspect is haunted!)

Housebound is a tightly constructed New Zealand horror-comedy where the protagonist has an honest to goodness character-arc. In fact, most all of the characters seem to have unexpected traits which seem to humanize each in what could have easily been a series of 2-dimensional archetypes. The story is fun and more importantly, unpredictable (at least for me it was). What seems to be shaping up in the first half hour or so gets knocked on its ear, resulting in something both surprising and rewarding. Totally worth a look.

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