Southland Tales

Southland Tales ★★★★

This is either the fourth or fifth time I've watched Southland Tales and I'm still not exactly sure why I like it. Maybe writing a bit down this time will help with that.

Let's see. First the negatives: There are some superfluous characters. Some of the jokes miss their intended marks and the narration from Justin Timberlake's character makes you think his role will hold more weight than it does.

On the upside, the cast is deep with talent. The script is funny and at times downright quotable. Visually, it's striking. Narratively, it's challenging but rewarding to those who don't feel alienated by the left-leaning agenda or the super-cynical depiction of where the western world is headed both economically and culturally. Depending where one's political values lay, this position might come off as preaching to the choir for some and as blatant propaganda to others. Personally, I like what it has to say about capitalism and it's nascent effects on first-world citizens' abilities to qualitatively assess the information they're being told. Had the movie been tighter, this message would hold less irony and might have resonated with more people. For me, the positives still outweigh the negatives by a goodly margin and I'm unashamed to be on-board this metaphorical mega-zeppelin.

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