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  • The Fog

    The Fog


    Just got the Blu-ray steelbook, and it’s so nice to see this in HD for the first time. Some lovely extras on the disc as well.

    Still a little bit in love with Stevie.

  • GirlHouse



    Certainly exploitation, but a pretty good slasher film, and I don’t even really like slasher films. Feels derivative of Halloween, except with half a dozen women instead of just one. Maybe this is the modern equivalent to the sorority slasher (like Black Christmas)?

    I wish they had gone a little further with turning Loverboy into a more realistic mansplaining “men’s rights” internet troll instead of basically making his whole character boil down to fat-shamimg. Still, good to see it take advantage of modern technology’s strengths and weaknesses  in a non-magical way, for the most part.

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  • The Matrix

    The Matrix


    After newly calibrating my projector, I notice the subtlety of the green cast of the imagery from inside the matrix. It's mostly in the flesh tones, and doesn't usually affect the black leather or dark, rainy streets, which stay pretty neutral, or even lean a tiny bit blue. An impressive and subtle color grade.

  • Doom



    It’s pretty derivative, and the dialog is mostly lackluster, but to be honest, I was very pleasantly surprised that it was not the pile of shit that some reviews made it out to be. It tells a pretty straightforward story with good suspense and refreshingly clear action and intent from the four people who had any character development.

    And to be honest, the FPS sequence was quite a lot of fun and didn’t go on for too long.