Passengers ★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

Starship Titanic meets Alien meets The Shining meets Sleeping Beauty meets Wall•E meets Event Horizon. Okay, maybe that last one’s a stretch, but Larry Fishburne is in it, so.

The two stars I'm giving this are almost entirely for the production design, Michael Sheen, and the army of hard-working VFX artists that pulled off so much of this film, not least the zero-gee pool scene. It is a beautiful film.


The main actors are both fine, and charismatic as usual, but the script is really to blame here. I can forgive the rest of the cliches, but not the fact that one character essentially commits murder by dooming another to live out their life on the starship, instead of waking at the destination they intended. This is even pointed out in the movie and yet, it's kind of treated as a “boys will be boys” situation (or as here, “drowning men will be drowning men”). The first character did wrong, knew they did wrong, but is presented by the movie as sympathetic, as he forces her to listen by talking to her over a PA to tell her how sorry he is that he murdered her, because if she would just hear him out everything will be fine and he can be forgiven. I almost said “I have to credit the film for at least allowing her to be angry for this act of violation,” but, no. I do not have to credit them for that. Because in the third act, they THROW IT OUT THE AIRLOCK and she literally says to him, "I can’t live on the ship without you.” YES. YES YOU COULD. YOU WOULD LITERALLY BE ALIVE AND SAFE ASLEEP IN YOUR POD WITHOUT HIM. What the actual fuck, Jon Spaihts? The movie even ends with the male character trying to make things right and get her back to sleep, and she STILL decides to reward this creep and live out her life together with the SPACE RAPIST in the magical fucking treehouse they built together. FUCK YOU, MOVIE.

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