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  • Freaks



    I'm always shocked to see this film was released in 1932. It's so far ahead of it's time, with very sophisticated cinematography and narrative. The "freaks" are circus performers and the tension between them (along with the rest of the narrative) would fit right into a David Lynch film set for release in 2018.
    For fans of: David Lynch, black and white cinematography, circus sideshows, and all things psychologically creepy. One of my top ten fave horror films of all time.

  • The Shining

    The Shining


    Hoop-Tober 4.0 (31 days of Horror): DOUBLE FEATURES #1

    My favorite Stephen King adaptation, this time through i focused on the cinematography. Wonderful use of frame-within-frame. The camera movement is spectacular, with a wide variety of techniques, including great steadicam and some beautiful shots that start with a rigid camera, then zoom in or out. I also noticed quite a few closeups, with a rectangle of back light behind the character's head, of the same width as the head, with…