Us ★★★

Maybe it was the hype. Maybe I'm comparing it to the excellent Get Out. Maybe I've seen too many horror films to be startled by anything run-of-the-mill in Us by this point...

But golly gosh people, I really don't think that this was very good. The set up was rearing up, and I was ready, but then it becomes a home invasion flick. That's ok. It'll probably be a good one. Then the lines with "Americans" is blatantly spouted, and I go, "hmmm, bit on the nose there Peele, but whatever, I'm on board, show me what you've got". Then I got bored. Then I stopped caring about what would happen to the family I had grown to love in the first 25 minutes. Then it kept going. It felt like Peele had great ideas, but gave up a little bit the second day of filming. Some neat shots, but if anyone tells you that this is the dawning of a new era in horror, give them the stink eye. It's a 'weird' film for mainstream audiences.

The political leanings are a bit subdued, ironically, as the film develops into a grab bag of tropes. Almost felt like an Edgar Wright tale. I like that this wears influences on its sleeve with the video boxes for C.H.U.D. and Elm Street clearly visible, but they don't feel thought out enough to be overtly referenced. I don't get that. Why even? As for the twist, I loved it, but only as candy. Pertaining to the film, it's kind of shoehorned. Maybe Peele's third will get back on track, but for now I have mellowed my expectations.

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