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  • Halloween



    The Year is 2018: Ranked and Reviewed

    A forty year old mask, pale and tattered and engulfed by an evil presence with the blackest of eyes; the devil's eyes. The Shape looming in the shadows on the night of October 31st — his outfit melded into the crowd of cloaked children in the neighborhood of Haddonfield. Vengeance, madness, or nature; The Shape returns with murder on his mind, and the strange warmth of blood on his hands. It's his night;…

  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive


    DIRECTORS SUITE: DAVID LYNCH | Surrealist Bliss and Idiosyncrasy

    "This is no longer your film..."

    These six words—practically everything revolves around these six words. David Lynch's visceral nightmare—a between two worlds creation—works on the idea of expectation and deliverance, dipping its dreamlike chants into a pool of confusion and the harsh, tragic suggestion of ultimate reality. Mulholland Drive explores the deepest, darkest, and most destructive sort of expectations—for its protagonist, and for the audience, the film almost gently strums an…

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  • Suspiria



    The Year is 2018: Ranked and Reviewed

    Now this is a film begging to be seen more than once. Suspiria, the much anticipated horror, is a lot to process if you have an immense love for Dario Argento's original — and that includes myself. Luca Guadagnino's remake is a wildly different movie that expands on so much, even introducing a lot of new things you wouldn't expect — this horror is full with shock and surprises. Bleak and cold, the…

  • Burial Ground

    Burial Ground


    The Gates of Hell have opened up in this Italian horror from 1981 — a simple-as-fuck but entertaining-as-hell zombie creation that ticks all the right boxes in a horror as grisly and grotty as this. Burial Ground is a zombie film with a zombie plot and a lot of zombie action — specifically in its second half — and its actually done pretty well. The film shoots the undead the same way as they move; slow and spooky — the…

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  • The Void

    The Void


    A vessel of John Carpenter gloss and shock. The Fog meets Assault on Precinct 13 meets The Thing, fizzling in a flimsy array of Carpenter claustrophobia. Cults, cloaks, and crosses (not to mention triangles); an illuminati-astronomical parasite honing to a drained abyss. Emergency-red brightness cascading on victims and heroes, drowning in an dissolute echo of dread. An urge to fight, run, and creep. A shitstorm of a night for the characters and the audience. A hell-bent creation of freaks and…

  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


    The Year is 2017: Ranked and Reviewed

    The wettest kind of consciousness, percolating memories that flood with no specific significance, nor cascade with the true essence of meaning—they sit, stir, and rattle the brain with all of its attempts at explanation. Beckoning an existential gaze that beautifies the believers and the heroes—surrounded in a stream of fake electronic components and fake matter. To these wanderers, life is fenced in and forgotten, intact with their provisions and protocol—this is the future,…