La La Land

La La Land ★★★★½

To say what hasn't been said about La La Land is difficult when it's been so universally praised. I'll start off by saying, yes, it does deserve every bit of acclaim, and I stand by my original verdict of the film. It's a soaring, extravagant Hollywood musical, perhaps this century's Singin' in the Rain. La La Land is very much a classic Hollywood film in the hands of one of the decade's best American filmmakers.

This time round, I somewhat studied Gosling and Stone, the film's leads. One remarkable thing about Emma Stone is the way she controls her facial expressions when she has no dialogue. At one moment in the film, she's interrupted halfway in her audition, a tear spilling down her face as part of the performance for the casting directors, awaiting an "ok" to continue from one of them, eyes wide, a confused look, trying to comprehend what she should be doing. Looking at that, I wish her a bundle of oncoming awards for the year. She really is fantastic.

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