Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

The Year is 2019: Ranked and (Possibly) Reviewed

Gather around enthusiasts of the classic Hollywood era. Nine films into his career, Quentin Tarantino immerses his audience head to toe into the day and age of 1960s film and television—crafting an amiable homage to the actors, the chaos, and the love for their careers. It's Tarantino at his most different and most experimental—two and a half hours of the director on an entirely new and nonchalant approach to storytelling, rid of a clear-cut driven plot. Whether this will be a hit and miss to some viewers is certain, but even so, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood manages to turn its casualness into an insightful and wickedly entertaining portrayal of three lives in the midst of one timeless era of Hollywood, and it's hard to lose interest in.

Margot Robbie knocks it out of the park as Sharon Tate—her smile and her joy is infectious—each time she pops up she consumes the screen. Pitt and DiCaprio too are fantastic, but it's honestly Robbie who steals the show despite her lack of screen time. The film goes from one scene to the next with ease—the whole thing flies by pretty quickly—yet, I can't help but feel if it was all worth its lengthy run-time. Sure, a couple scenes may have upset me, but, in the end, I walked in seeing a Tarantino film and by god did it keep me entertained, despite wanting a tad more.


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