Police Story

Police Story ★★★★½

No Strings Attached: A Continuing List of Cherished Favorites

Jackie Chan, master of stunts and doing the fucking impossible, delivers what's probably his best film—not to mention, one of the most entertaining actions ever put out. Even for its story which really serves as a mere stuffing in between the action, there's still a pretty tangible plot, fit with Chan's signature comedy—in one scene free of violence , he dangles from answering one phone to another in the office, cords laid out like tripwire, in a frantic pace and naturally getting mixed up between each phone call. It's one of many entertaining joy pieces that the director emits throughout Police Story, and it doesn't even compare to the sheer audacity that's exhaled from the handful of stunts. Danger. Lots of danger. And it's pretty fucking awesome to watch.


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