Raw ★★★½

Twisted meat mania and a crust of battling hunger; bloody flesh and human's chow. Anthropophagus skin fighting back as it releases the repressed and concealed within. A cannibalistic coming-of-age picture show in every sense, Raw is France's next best horror flick since Martyrs, another sickening taste of bloody realism and flesh.

Its nothing short of depraved entertainment; a slow and stomach turning feature of smothering lust, despite its lack of satisfying triumph. Raw subtly pushes for a repulsed reaction without fully encouraging it, resulting in a somewhat underwhelming finale, despite the wonderful direction, music, and performances. Capturing the realism, repression, and paranoia inside of a cannibal virgin, Raw leaves an appropriate and intentional aroma of disgust and bewilderment. Perhaps, it needed a tad more.


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