Superstition ★★½

A Bay of Blood: A Ranking of Slashers (1974 - 1990)

A supernatural slasher with the sense of little supernatural, despite the evil antagonist with the most wickedest pair of hands you've seen. Usually, this type of slasher can mostly be silly fun, but, Superstition doesn't tick off too much of that excitement, thanks to the serious approach of its malicious presence—which, in its final ten minutes, is exposed at its best. The opening is dragged out and its really only there to show the deaths of two pranksters, which hardly adds anything to the movie. With no in-depth reasoning behind the wicked intentions of the its supernatural killer, there's a whole lot of stuff that's missing that could have made this one a lot better. However, it's totally watchable and there are some slices of decent entertainment, particularly in its third act where it picks up the formulaic slasher finale, even if it does go overboard with killing its pack of basic characters.