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  • She's Gotta Have It

    She's Gotta Have It


    A lively, imperfect, occasionally stilted, often funny, insightful film. Nola Darling is an all-time great character. The rape scene is wretched, but it at least gets addressed in-narrative. Not essential viewing per se, but a in my opinion an extremely rewarding watch.

  • Rumor Has It...

    Rumor Has It...


    This is a weird one! Surface level, it seems like your typical mid-00s romcom, Jennifer Aniston and all. To be honest, as a movie, it's exceedingly fine. It's "whatever," you know?

    So why can't I stop thinking about? There's an unusual richness of themes, metatextuality, and dramatic dynamics at play. I have to believe that the screenwriter must have at least a passing interest in psychoanalysis. I think if this movie were even 5 minutes longer, I'd find it tiresome.…

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  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1

    Kill Bill: Vol. 1


    A remarkably empty, meaningless, banal, stupid, lurid, foolish film. A most blantant exercise in proving that a collection of VHS tapes and DVDs =/= an aesthetic or moral sensibility. Cinephilia in its most wretched form. A racist, misogynist fever dream.

    One half star for strong musical cues and decent costuming.

  • Watchtower



    A quiet, tender account of harm and accident. The accident of existence. Strong performances set amidst beautiful landscapes. The "oomph" of the penultimate scene might have been better woven throughout, but all in all a poetic film.