• 10 to Midnight

    10 to Midnight


    Feels like the greatest TV procedural one off special of all time. I feel like a proper little raccoon rolling around in this delicious trash.

  • Ran



    One of my least favorite Kurosawa and still a technical marvel and masterpiece of poetry.

  • Razorback



    I thought I was queuing up some trashy Ozploitation, wasn't expecting one of the most competently and beautifully shot films I've seen this year.

    Anyone have any leads on the VHS gore cut?

  • Phantom of the Paradise

    Phantom of the Paradise


    Already maybe my favorite De Palma?

    I don't get the hate for this. Camp at its finest.

  • Bo Burnham: Inside

    Bo Burnham: Inside


    I somehow exited this special even more of a misanthrope than I entered.

    Whether you think Bo is a profound prophet or just another self important white boy hiding behind self awareness, there's no denying he posseses an incredible technical craft behind the camera even within world altering limitations.

  • Six-String Samurai

    Six-String Samurai


    Greatest opening credits set-up ever?

    Excessively long. Repetively patience-testing. And of course classic 90s trope of vastly irritating child actor.

  • Skyfall



    Being in the mere vicinity of Roger Deakins has given us the most stunning Bond film of all time.

  • Escape From Alcatraz

    Escape From Alcatraz


    A classic stoic Eastwood performance that actually melds with the films tone instead of sticking out like a toxic macho masquerade.

    Restrained, procedural with incredible stretches of clench your butthole tension. A classic "Dad" movie.

  • Malignant



    I'm not really getting everyone talking about "the twist", it seemed pretty explicitly spelled out for us from the get go. Maybe the ludicrous silliness of it all kept some guessing.

    Overall gloriously dumb and deliciousy cheesy but backward tapdances across the border of parody.

  • The Cat o' Nine Tails

    The Cat o' Nine Tails


    Massive step down from Argento's freshman film. Story and pacing aside even the technical aspects I see praise for to me lack the trademark acid trip geometry, pops of color and almost Wes Anderson esque attention to grand scheme detail found in Bird with Crystal Plumage

  • The Suicide Squad

    The Suicide Squad


    I went in almost wanting to hate it. The try hard edgy promo roll out, the exhausting and mindnumbing handling of these DC properties over the last decade and just my own complete disinterest and burnout on superhero films caused me to enter the film with resigned generalized meh-ness about the whole thing.

    But I'll be damned if WB didn't just let Gunn make perhaps one of the MOST James Gunn-est films he's ever made.

    It's just fun. Which is the most obvious and necessary element that has been missing from these blockbusters.

  • The Wolf of Snow Hollow

    The Wolf of Snow Hollow


    I grew up with a dad who was pretty puritanical, definitely harbored some simmering anger issues but always seemed to keep it together for me and always was the adult in the room. Now being at the point in my life evaluating if kids are on my horizon depsite being a boozebag with precisely zero of my own shit together, the scenes with John and his daughter really pulled me in both directions.

    On one hand it made me feel…