• Death Line

    Death Line


    October-Rama 2021 #25

    A rare horror film that did get to me. It feels like a mix of two films. One is so fucking grim. Seeing all those decomposing bodies in the bunk beds, and a particular sequence where the nicest character in the film is in peril trapped made me quite uncomfortable and really reminded me of Texas Chainsaw Massacre though this predates it by two years.

    The other film is Donald Pleasance playing a drunken police inspector who…

  • Daimajin Strikes Again

    Daimajin Strikes Again


    October-Rama 2021 #24

    Labelled as being much more kid-friendly than the other two. But there are moments in this (people being thrown in sulphur pits to be boiled alive, people being crushed/stabbed by Daimajin) that are a bit too intense for a kid.

    The first two acts follow a group of kids who are kind of annoying and the English dub gives them awful voices but the beautiful scenery and music make it easier to get through.

    We all watch…

  • Return of Daimajin

    Return of Daimajin


    October-Rama 2021 #23

    A definite improvement over the first film.

    Although not alive, Daimajin is still integrated into the larger story in some way, plus this is 10 mins shorter than the first meaning we get through the plot much quicker.

    Daimajin's rampage tops the first film too. He literally splits the sea ala Moses. One of the best kaiju moments ever.

  • Daimajin



    October-Rama 2021 #22

    The first two acts, while have good build-up, go on for too long. It gives us plenty of time to be with these characters, and goes a little overboard. Even for its short runtime, the film is called Daimajin and we want to see Daimajin as soon as possible. I do care for these other characters, but I think this would make an amazing hour-long story rather than a 80-min one.

    Having said that, the third act…

  • Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker

    Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker


    October-Rama 2021 #21

    Susan Tyrell is a literal goddess. Also had no clue this was a video nasty and STILL hasn't gotten any release in the UK. It's quite tame compared to other nasties.

    Interesting tidbit from Wiki: "Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker has been noted for being an early film to portray a homosexual male character as a positive figure by featuring Tom Landers, Billy's gay basketball coach who is subjected to homophobia. (Scholar Jeffery) Dennis interprets an inversion of…

  • Horror Express

    Horror Express


    October-Rama 2021 #20

    This was so fucking good. Probably my favourite Christopher Lee/Peter Cushing film. It turns into one style of horror film after another. Starts as a mummy film, then a vampire, then an alien film, THEN a zombie film. All under the identity of an Agatha Christie-style mystery novel.

    Then when you think the film couldn't throw anything new at you, Telly Savalas enters the third act and steals the entire film with his big dick energy.

    Seriously check this out. "Monsters? We're British."

  • The House That Screamed

    The House That Screamed


    October-Rama 2021 #19

    Regarded as a huge influence on Dario Argento and Suspiria and personally gave me vibes of Deep Red at times, this is a really effective Spanish giallo set in an all-girls school.

    It focuses less on the murders and more on our characters living in this environment, and how this environment operates based on each other's friendships and rivalies and secrets, which can be just as fascinating and terrifying as any giallo. The death scenes are scarce but they are edited in a very unique and creepy way. Not like anything I've seen before.

  • The Shout

    The Shout


    October-Rama 2021 #18

    A man with the ability to kill people with his shout sounds like schlock. But this film is anything but that, and surprisingly succeeds in being creepy.

    Great cast with John Hurt as our sympathetic protagonist who is at odds with the shouty man, Tim Curry in probably the most subdued neutral performance he's ever done, and a young Jim Broadbent in contrast having the time of his life playing a mental patient.

    Beautiful ambient music throughout too. I loved the mood of this film, and more people should check it out.

  • Flesh for Frankenstein

    Flesh for Frankenstein


    October-Rama 2021 #17

    I loved this. MUCH better than Blood For Dracula. All those moments of pretty out there gore with that beautiful lush music. It all just works. And that ending was perfect.

  • Blood for Dracula

    Blood for Dracula


    October-Rama 2021 #16

    This film is just all about Dracula and the socialist guy competing in the "who's the biggest arsehole" contest. Quite slow for me in a lot of places, but the ridiculous performances and that chaotic ending makes it worth a watch.

    Fantastic opening title sequence too.

  • Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

    Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers


    October-Rama 2021 #15

    Surprisingly not as terrible as I anticipated. It's not great. But here's some elements I admired.

    I actually don't mind Tina as a character. This might be why I don't hate the film as much as others do since she becomes a sort of replacement for Rachel in the fourth film as a surrogate older sister to Jamie. Unlike Rachel, Tina is a deeply flawed person. She lives life quite carelessly. The party-hungry teenager stereotype times 10.…

  • Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

    Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers


    October-Rama 2021 #14

    Halloween Kills borrows a lot of plot elements from this. But this does it much better. I can actually understand the characters’ motivations and the story fine. Donald Pleasance never drops the quality and effort of his performance neither. He still is giving his best as Loomis here. I love the atmosphere this film has too.

    LOVE Alan Howarth’s score. He was already a close collaborator with Carpenter, but he does a better job at expanding the…