Jai Bhim

Jai Bhim ★★★½

Jai Bhim represents the incivility and horridness of the police towards scheduled tribes through a real event that happened in the '90s. It is perhaps could be one of the most straightforward mainstream films featuring a star.

The narration mainly relies on the perspective of its central characters (the victims), though being as a guiding lamp to the poor souls around, not having a proper backstory or arc for Suriya's character must be the best part of the film's writing, I guess that's what makes this character distinct from our commercial messiah's or vakeelsaabs. Rather than lecturing, the film mostly focuses on the details of the case it had in hand and still shines at emphasizing the social injustice around us.

Despite its minor flaws, it's good to see a movie that doesn't shy away from Harshly criticizing society's ills and mirroring the absurdities in it.

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