Parasite ★★★★★

Completely unique & incredibly entertaining. It’s pretty rare to create a movie that you can’t even generally place into a genre box. Like even with The Godfather you can place it in Drama. With Parasite I would say drama but it’s way too funny and creates more comedic moments than dramatics. But it’s also way too dark and cerebral to be comedy. It doesn’t matter what genre Parasite is in it’s the fact that the movie impossible to even categorize because it’s so unique.

Almost a perfect movie, so many strands set up at the beginning that are creatively tied up. Even small pieces like the guy who’s peeing outside gets drenched by a bucket of water from the the son, later that son gets drenched by a bucket of water in the same spot later. There are so many cool connections, and even connections to other Bong movies like the bug exterminating spray at the beggingjng has to be a nod to Barking Dogs Never Bite. 

Best movie of the year so far.

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