Pierrot le Fou

Pierrot le Fou ★★★★★

I used to think having characters recite poetry and quote literature in film was pretentious....

I still do but Godard does it so damn well and does it because he MUST.

This film is all about energy, images and destroying the fourth wall. Well I guess all Godard films are that way but with Pierrot(Ferdinand) Le Fou Godard reaches a climax of Godardianism that is so transcendent it makes every film in history look sleepy and tired and ancient.

The images in this film:

The cotton candy lights that pass over the car over and over again.

Anna Karina skipping rocks and saying "I don't know what I'm doing" over and over again.

Anna Karina riding the back of a tractor as a bumbles on down a road.

Anna Karina wearing yellow makeup and talking in a ludicrous "Vietnamese" wannabe languag

The car cruising along the road and just casually makes a turn and flies into the ocean.

Jean Paul Belmondo jumping, diving, rolling in almost every scene.

Jean Paul Belmondo being fucking cool.

A midget in a suit carrying a walkie talkie and drinking a coke.

Jean Paul Belmondo wrapping dynamite around his head.

That final shot of the ocean.

I couldn't tell you what this film is about, it's really about energy, about inhabiting the film. You are slammed over and over with youthful energy, intellectualism, death, art.

Godard said Goodbye to Language long before he made Goodbye to Language.

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