The Babadook ★★★★★

This one hit close to home, a lot of personal stuff if you were raised by a single mother and were a crazy child and if there was any sort of pill popping going on. Being such a personal experience it's hard to objectively review the movie, but I think it's an absolute masterpiece.

A horror movie with a huge heart and a huge depth of emotion that is more metaphor and paranoia than horror The Babadook does everything perfectly. Casting, editing, camera work, lack of music, a great set up, great mythology, tons of relationship depth, a control of tone, humor, horror, practical effects...

Like I said, I'm probably over rating this based on personal connections. Maybe after I emotionally sober up I can look back and find certain aspects to knock off. But at this moment, I can see very little faults. The faults I CAN find are very small and have more to do with expectations and the understanding of horror. But I think this may be my favorite movie of the year so far, just ahead of Under The Skin and Boyhood. Speaking of Boyhood, this movie pretty much nails what that movie's idea of growing up and inhabiting responsibilities entails. And how both movies depict it is very complex and hard to pull off. The fact that The Babadook is hitting those notes while telling a tightly wound psychological horror film is incredible.

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