The Bourne Supremacy ★★★★½

This movie is crazy. It's plot is insane, it's main character is literally insane, and most of the supporting characters are losing their minds. You'd think I was talking about a Kubrick movie or a serial killer movie, no it's bourne. The action franchise's final two movies are the models for what action movies can do, they can fucking floor you. Director Paul Greengrass's directing style is shoot by the seat of his pants, and it pays off, cause he has magical pants. Every action scene is visceral and real and just flat out awesome. It's got twists and turns within the story, the acting is solid, although Joan Allen is a little overrated in these movies.

And I'll just say it, the car chase scene is the best I've ever seen. Better than the Friedken ones(French Connection, To Live and Die in LA), better than Ronin, better than Bad Boys 2(thats a joke guys that car chase scene sucks major ass) and better than Drive.