The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★½

So I know everyone loves this Golden Age of television we have, and I also appreciate a lot of the programs we get to devour. But The Favourite is the ultimate example of how much better films can be than television. The story of The Favourite is a George R.R. Martin beard hair away from being a Game of Thrones season arc. Hell you could milk this story for 3 seasons in the GOT world. But what Yorgos does is condense everything down into an extremely efficient but also idiosyncratic story, establish multiple complex characters, the historical precedent, thematic threads and then weave all of the pieces together to tell a beginning, middle and end that is both exciting, rewarding and fucking genius. It also has more visual prowess than any GOT episode, and the acting and writing is significantly better. The writing, I'd like to point out, is somehow modern but also fits with the time period(even though we don't really know what time period that is). The bursts of fowl language is pretty much the action in this movie, each new way to describe assholes and vaginas will make you die with laughter.

Rachel Weisz should be nominated and should win any award for this performance. So far it's my favourite performance of the year. She is in control but also totally out of control, she's emotional to the point of explosion but also cold as ice. She also takes this current idea of what 'bad ass woman' should be and actually makes her character feel like a badass without knowing Kung-Fu and without having easy plot mechanics turn her into to some superhero.

The insanely well written Favourite is bursting with different personalities, each character has his/her own distinctive voice while maintaining an overall voice for the film.

I love how Yorgie films some shots in bedrooms like we're watching Big Brother but just through 35mm. I also love all of the dutch angles, all the wide angle lenses, the very intense long close ups, and that insane final montage(that owes a little bit to Jonathan Glazer's 'Under The Skin').

Yorgos has pumped out THREE movies in THREE years. All of them inhabit cosmically different worlds and yet somehow they could've only been created by Yorgie.

I think all three of these films(The Lobster, Sacred Deer and The Favourite) all seem to be asking the same question: where does the balance of power rest in relationships?

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